Adobong Pusit Recipe (SQUID ADOBO)

  Adobong Pusit Recipe (SQUID ADOBO) Ingredients 3 lbs Small to medium sized squid, cleaned and sliced 2 medium Ripe tomato, diced 1 medium Red Onion, sliced into small pieces 1 head Garlic, crushed 1/2 […]

Bibingkang Malagkit Recipe

Bibingkang Malagkit Recipe (FILIPINO STYLE)

Bibingkang Malagkit Ingredients: 2 cups Malagkit Rice (Glutinous rice or Sweet Sticky rice), Wash once with cold water before use 2 1/2 cups Thick Coconut Milk (Kakang Gata) 1 1/2 cup Water 1 cup Packed […]